Different taxi roof signs from Pointguard

Samples of our Taxi Roof Signs

Pointguard's taxi roof sign - Model TK

iToplight - A digital taxi roof sign from Pointguard

Pointguard's taxi roof sign - Model 020

Pointguard - Your Turnkey Supplier of Taxi Roof Signs

Pointguard is Scandinavia's leading manufacturer and supplier of taxi roof signs.

In Pointguard's wide range of products you find both traditional (analogue) taxi roof signs in a large variety of appealing shapes and colors, but also modern digital taxi roof signs that, e.g., can show the status of the taxi and other information. Apart from the typical taxi roof sign, Pointguard also has a number of other roof signs like school signs and advertising signs.

When you choose a taxi roof sign from Pointguard you can be sure to get modern design, high quality materials and a competitive price.

Are you in need of new taxi roof signs for your taxi fleet? Please contact Pointguard at info@pointguard.se or +46 18 512020 and we will together work out the right roof sign and design that suits your company and your taxi fleet.

Pointguard has taxi roof signs with suitable fixings for all car brands on the market.

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Or go to Pointguard's main web site to see our whole wide range of products.

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